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July Pop Up Preview

Archiimp July Pop up Gallery preview of artists now showing in The Ounce  

From today you can view samples of work by the artists participating in the next Pop Up Gallery on the Art Wall of the Ounce on the Tything.

This artists will be featured at the next Archiimp Pop up gallery being held at 16 The Hopmarket on Foregate Street,

on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July

open 10am till 5pm


Shilpi Sharma

july 5
Shilpi Sharma

I love to draw my inspiration from various sort of things – my travels, different places of interest, inspiration from landscapes, nature in its pristine untouched form, buildings & architecture that have survived through the times, various facets of humans faces & emotions.

For information on Shilpi please follow this link

Link to Shilzart

Chris Haywood 

july 6
Chris Haywood

My work focuses on Birmingham city centre, particularly looking at the buildings from the 1960’s and 70’s. I try to make the ordinary and mundane look interesting and attractive through the use of abstracted colour, expressive brush marks and dynamic compositions.

For information on Chris please follow this link

Link to Website

Mark Zytynski

july 1
Mark Zytynski

I love trees! I regard a tree as one of nature’s works of art as well as providing us with food, shelter, shade and fuel. Working from high resolution photographs I produce mixed media artworks and fine art prints with the aim of portraying the likeness, personality and even the mood of a tree or woodland clearing. Mark is also a Worcestershire Open Studio artist, No.68.

For information on Mark please follow this link

Link to Website

Jilly Oxlade-Arnott

july 11
Jilly Oxlade-Arnott

An architectural watercolour artist working in fine line ink and bold watercolours. Her unique and colourful style concentrates on the subject building leaving the rest as fine line ink work. She lives in Worcester and has exhibited at The Hive, Croome Court and  curates Pop Up Galleries throughout the city, introducing otherwise unknown artists. Jilly is also a Worcestershire Open Studio artist,  No.13

For information on Jilly please follow this link

Link to Jilly’s Biography


 Archiimp would like to thanks its Pop Up Gallery sponsors for their ongoing support

The Ounce, The Cabin and The Hopmarket Charity are continued supporters of the artists and sponsors of the Archiimp Pop Up Gallery initiative.

The Ounce – Art Wall

 Samples of the artists work can be seen at the Art Wall of The Ounce, 40 The Tything, Worcester, WR1 1JL from today until the pop up gallery opens on 28th July.

For information on The Ounce please follow this link

Link to The Ounce

The Cabin

The Cabin based at 7 Trinity St, Worcester, WR1 2PW have been sponsors of the Archiimp Pop Up Gallery Initiative since the very start and continue to provide support and services to local artists and businesses.

Cabin Logo rev 2

For information on The Cabin please follow this link

Link to The Cabin

The Hopmarket Charity

They are based at the Hopmarket, Worcester WR1 1DL and The Hopmarket Charity is intended to benefit ‘needy’ persons in the City of Worcester.  ‘Needy’ persons in the City of Worcester are persons whose need arises in the City whether or not they permanently reside there. ‘Needy’ persons are persons who by reason of poverty, sickness or infirmity whether young or old are in need of financial assistance, care or attention.

Hopmarket Logo


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