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July Pop Up in the News

Artists display impressions of buildings and nature

By Jessica Charles

Caption: Worcester artist Jilly Oxlade-Arnott with some of her work that was on display at a drop in exhibition at the Hopmarket on Saturday. Image courtesy of Worcester News 2018.

ARTIST Jilly Oxlade- Arnott held an exhibition at 16 Hopmarket Foregate street. The Worcester artist displayed prints of eye catching places around Worcester like the Cathedral and the Museum of Royal Worcester. “I think people like my style because of the black and white surrounding and the colour.” Mrs Oxlade-Arnott revealed that one martial artist from Worcester likes her art so much that he is having a tattoo of her drawing of the Cathedral on his arm.

Mrs Oxlade- Arnott said it is “Amazing. He is a very interesting man and it is very flattering.”

Another artist who observed Mrs Oxlade-Arnott’s work has been inspired by one of her paintings to paint a piece based on it.

“She said she doesn’t usually like water colours” said Mrs Oxlade-Arnott.

“It is very flattering when another artist likes your work, it’s the greatest compliment. We all try to support each others work.”

Chris Haywood who teaches art at Kings School in Worcester displayed his oil paintings which depict Birmingham’s architecture. “I studied fine art at Birmingham University and got more interested in the city. Many of my pieces are focussed on 50s, 60s and 70s architecture which is usually quite ugly, rather than eye catching buildings, I try to make them a bit more attractive.”

Other artists who displayed work was photographer Mark Zytynski who confessed he is “obsessed with trees. Back when I was living on a barge in France. A French firewood system inspired Mr Zytynski to photograph trees. There were beautiful large log piles, and I started getting into the tree species. Any tree will do now, any trees with an interesting shape or a shot of light coming through them.”

To see some of Mrs Oxlade-Arnott’s work visit

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