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The poems of WST’s Fabella

Poems to be released

For those who wish to know the poems of Fabella – The Giraffe with a tale, I will be releasing the wording over the next 3 days, one poem per day. (Pear, Battle and Foundation).

I am starting to include more poetry to accompany my drawn artwork as its seems to be received well and I love the simplicity and rhythm.

A number of impromptu poetry performances at Jilly’s open gallery during the Worcestershire Open Studios by Suz Winspear, led to further discussions and the planning of additional co-operation between poets and artists. So watch this space…

Love Jilly

Fabella was designed and created by Jilly Oxlade-Arnott, is sponsored by The Worcester City Council and was brought to the streets of Worcester by Wild in Art in aid of the St.Richards Hospice for the Build 2020 Appeal and has been protected by citizens of Worcester and the boys and girls of British Transport Police 3 Counties. 

© Copyright and Intellectual Property Right (IP) of all images, artwork are held by Architectural Impressions

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