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Fabellas Poems 2 of 3 The Battle

Fabella – A Giraffe with a tale

Poem 2 of 3 – The Battle

This side of Fabella has line work depicting the Commandery, which is known amongst other things for its connection to the Civil War and the poem tells of the story of the Battle of Worcester. 

The Battle of Worcester was the final battle of the English Civil War on 3rd September 1651, where Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentarian New Model Army, some 28,000 strong, defeated King Charles II’s 16,000 Royalists.

‘The Battle’

Royalists and Parliamentarians battled hard
In the Civil war of Worcesters’ back yard
Charles watched from the Cathedral tower
Defending attack and displaying his power
Driven back towards the city, a final charge in Sidbury

Charles escaped through St. Martin’s Gate
Royalists fled and could not wait
Most were captured the following day
3000 died in this fierce affray

Battle poem

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