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Fabella’s Poems 3 of 3 Foundation

Fabella – A Giraffe with a tale

Poem 3 of 3 – Foundation

The last poem to adorn Fabella was inspired by the foundation of the City of Worcester, from its origin as a humble river crossing to the varied and vast cityscape we see today, narrated by the buildings themselves, as they need us as much as we need them. 


From deep in the earth our feet are found
Brick by brick born rising from the ground
Slowly we appear reaching for the sky
Some short, some tall and majestically high

Elaborate and grand or simple and small
Bathe in our beauty, every face every wall
Come in and shelter from the weather outside
Shop, work or relax we will abide

We’ll never learn to walk but stay we must
Look after us, please lest we’ll crumble to dust
Take pride in our being to be enjoyed by all
For we are your foundation, Worcester Stands Tall

Fountation poem

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