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Great Opportunity for Artists

For just 20% commission and no other costs

We are offering artists a fantastic opportunity to display and sell their work on 15th/16th September on a commission basis only and you don’t even need to be there!

Archiimp is producing a pop up gallery at 16 the Foregate (Hopmarket) during the weekend of the music festival. There will be live music in the Hopmarket courtyard throughout the weekend, so footfall should be good. Archiimp will be the only artist present in the gallery, as a special one-off pop up.

We are offering artists the opportunity to provide 2 pieces of hung work for display and sale during the event. A huge wall space has been allocated for artists to provide some wall hanging work. It goes without saying that we will robustly market the event and your work in our usual manner. You won’t need to be present over the weekend.

There is no admin, set up or marketing fee, just 20% commission for any items sold!!!

Your work will be displayed with your details as defined below. Archiimp will hang and display your work and log all sales on your behalf. Jilly & Chris will be present and with the work throughout the event. Archiimp is also offering its credit card payment facility for your sales (via izettle @ 1.75%) which will be added to the commission if applicable, so that we can increase the opportunity for sale.

This is on a first come basis and space is being allocated quickly so please if you are interested in taking up this offer then please contact me as soon as possible (so that I can start the marketing piece and arrange deliveries etc).

Your work will be displayed with your details as defined below.

Please complete the following details which will be printed to A5 and displayed adjacent to you work:

  1. Artist Name:
  2. Discipline:
  3. Artist Biography: (max 60 words)
  4. Contact Details: (web, email, mobile, social media etc)
  5. Artwork #1 Title:
  6. Artwork #1 Description: (max 10 words)
  7. Artwork #1 Price
  8. Artwork #2 Title:
  9. Artwork #2 Description: (max 10 words)
  10. Artwork #2 Price


Artist Name: Jilly Oxlade-Arnott of Archiimp

Discipline: Architectural Watercolour

Artist Biography: An Architectural Watercolour Artist working in fine line ink and bold watercolour. Her unique and colourful style concentrates on the subject building leaving the rest as fine line ink work. She lives and works in Worcester and will be displaying original watercolour, fine art prints, digital prints and cards of her Worcester, Malvern, Croome and Global Collections.

Contact Details:



Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram): @archiimp

Artwork #1 Title: Worcester Cathedral Aspect I

Artwork #1 Description: A3 Limited Edition Fine Art Ink & Watercolour

Artwork #1 Price: £45.00

Artwork #1 Dimensions: 78cm (W) x 40cm (H)

Artwork #2 Title: Manarola, Cinque Terra, Italy

Artwork #2 Description: Original Ink and Watercolour 

Artwork #2 Price: £420.00

Artwork #2 Dimensions: 75cm (W) x 45cm (H)

Confirming the rough dimensions of each work will enable us to allocate the correct space. If your pieces are quite small then provide details of more work and I will confirm if we can accept them.

Special note, please ensure:

  • you provide no more than 60 words for your biog
  • suitable single point wall hanging methods are attached to the artwork (to be put up with a nail or picture hooks)
  • you mark your name and artwork title (if not obvious) to the rear of the artwork (sticker or swing tag)
  • you deliver the artwork or arrange for suitable collection by 4pm on Thursday 13th September
  • package and protect your wok suitable for customer sale and transport
  • your pricing allows for the 20% commission
  • after the event I will contact each of you separately to arrange, artwork collection and payment of any sales revenue

Example of a Credit Card and commission calculation: £50 artwork sale on a credit card, less 88p card fee (1.75% of £50) and £10 commission (20% of £50), you receive £50 less £10.88 which is £39.12.

The next steps are simply to:

  1. Confirm your wish to participate (by email to
  2. Complete the requested information (by email)
  3. Select work and arrange to get it to us.


I look forward to speaking with you soon

ChrisOA – Archiimp Curator

Feature Image: “Art Wall by Paul Smith” Courtesy of Design Addicts Platform


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