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Artworks flying out at Croome Court

Vivid Artwork’s are flying off the wall at Croome Court

The Pop Art Inspired vivid works by Jilly Oxlade-Arnott are a huge success at The National Trust’s Croome Court this year. 

Auction bids are placed on new works as soon as they go up, with eager buyers having to wait until the end of the month to see if they have been successful

A buyer from New Zealand purchased three original canvasses of London in one go!

Every Worcester Cathedral image has been sold within a week of display, although not to everyone taste this just proves that the Vivid Range is gaining momentum and attracting a considerable fan base.

Vivid 3

Vivid 2


This is looking very positive ahead of the launch of Jilly’s Vivid Range in October. 

The preview of the Vivid launch was a single installation of 132 images of Worcester Cathedral at the Hive (Colour at Play Exhibition) which proved extremely popular and even heralded calls for it to be kept and owned by the City. 



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