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Jilly’s Croome artist-in-situ dates

Jilly’s artist-in-situ dates for Croome Court until 2019

Jilly will be located in the library of the National Trust’s Croome Court painting new works as an artist-in-situ, surrounded by her own original artworks in the ‘Art in Architecture Exhibition’ running until February 2019. 

She very much welcomes conversation and dialog with visitors and volunteers, explaining her inspiration, techniques, highs and lows of painting and loves to give tips and advice to budding and eager artists of all ages. 

Pop into Croome Court, have a chat and a look around this historic house, gardens and grounds.

She is normally there from 11am till 4pm on the following days:

3rd October (Wednesday)

24th October (Wednesday)

2nd November (Friday)

14th November (Wednesday)

29th November (Thursday)

12th December (Wednesday)

Artist in Situ Credit Peter Young

Due to high volume of auction sales artwork are being replaced regularly

Vivid 3

Vivid 2


Croome Vivid wall I

Croome Court Exbo VI

Croome Court Exbo VII

Croome Court Exbo IX

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