Call for Artists (for 9th December) 2018 Christmas Arts

Call for Artists to participate in the 2018 Christmas  Arts on Sunday 9th December in the Henry Sandon Hall

This inaugural annual event is being held in the Henry Sandon Hall and will showcase up to 17 local artists and artisans.

Archiimp is giving local artists the opportunity to be part of its 2018 Christmas Arts Sunday 9th December

Many places are booked already but a few are still available.

The Archiimp series of events are growing in reputation, it’s a great opportunity for local artists and is a good lead in to the Christmas period. 

These events fill up very quickly so please confirm your interest as soon as possible! 

Archiimp will actively promote the event via social media & blog. The event will be listed on national and local event websites. Artist biographies and contact details are activity promoted through social media and online. Partners and sponsors will actively promote the event and participating artists. Posters will be created and distributed around the city. 

You will be provided with a 6 foot table and use of the wall hanging systems (STAS hanging rail and perlon’s) behind your table. Giving lots of space to present your work and interact with visitors .

You will be provided with:

  • one 6′ by 2’6” table
  • one short hanging cable (1 metre) and a heavy weight clip/hook (max 19kg per clip)
  • three long hanging cables (2 metre) with 6 light weight clip/hook (max 4kg per clip)

The Henry Sandon Hall layout and dimensions are as follows:

HSH Layout

The layout of the stands is such that you can have easy access to your own section of the hanging system (on the side and back walls) behind your table) for display and still have direct table space.

Artist’s may prefer to use only the table and not the wall hanging system and have the table against the wall for greater interaction with visitors (if you would like this please let me know).

Artist Layout

If you are interested in being part of this event on 9th December for just £45 per space, please email me directly:

Chris Oxlade-Arnott (Archiimp Curator)

Mob: 07713 055 999


Brief information on the Event:


  • Henry Sandon Hall, Severn Street, Worcester WR1 2NE.

Opening Times:           

  • Open to public 10am till 5pm ( set up from 9am)

Artist Fees:

  • £45.00 per stand payable via BACS in advance 
  • Participation fee only no additional sales commission 
  • Includes:
    • Table and use of Wall hanging System 
    • Multiple pre-event marketing and PR
    • Direct promotion to wide contact network
    • Design, creation and printing of event posters
    • Poster distribution 
    • Event management
    • Artist Assistance Services
      • use of card payment system
      • set up and display assistance
    • Legal and regulatory compliance
    • Post event site clean up
    • Post event review marketing 


  • Set up can begin from 9am and must be completed and ready to open by 9:55am.
  • Break down cannot start until 5pm and must be completed by 6:00pm.
  • Artist group photograph to take place on site at 10am.


  • There are no parking facilities for this event, temporary parking for loading and unloading is provided, but artists must be aware that this is a public highway and local business access and movement will take priority.
  • The load/unload parking area can be accessed via St. Peters Street and/or Kings Street, take the turning off the road and head towards the CY Resources building, just before this building turn right and drive with the buildings on your left to the end where you will see several parking spaces on the left against the side wall (white wall) of the Henry Sandon Hall. Walk through to the Courtyard itself. After unloading you will have to move your vehicle, the nearest public car park is in Kings Street, but cheaper ones are available within walking distance.

Conditions of Use:       

  • Artists to be set up and ready for trading by 9:55am. Artist group photograph at 10am. Stand must be ready and maned at 10am. Break down cannot start until 5pm and must be completed by 6:00pm.
  • Artist or artist representatives (fellow artist)to be present at all times (except breaks).
  • Artist are responsible for providing their own display equipment and table covers.
  • Artists are responsible for their own sales only.
  • Artists may use the entirety of their stand.
  • Artist applications will be vetted to ensure a high standard of work, display and professionalism.
  • Permission from Archiimp must be sort for artists wanting to place/display work outside their stand (such as placement of easels/stands) as we have to consider neighbouring stands and public health and safety.


  • Artist must have valid Public Liability Insurance to a minimum value of £2m.
  • Archiimp assure that all artist data is held and managed via its GDPR Data Protection Policy (available to download at

Event Sponsors:           

  • This event is Sponsored by Worcester Printers and Archiimp.
  • Any promotional material including social media transactions must copy/refer/tag the event partners.
  • Additional sponsors will be sort to provide ongoing support throughout the year.

Set Up Assistance:       

  • If you have any concerns or issues with your stand configuration or set up when you arrive, please contact Chris – Archiimp Curator (07713 055 999), who will be around on the day. Chris will also be available throughout the day to assist you if needed, especially during set up.
  • You are requested to be mindful of your and the public’s safety during set up and break down, especially when moving large, fragile, sharp or heavy objects.

Additional Services (Credit Card Payments): 

  • For those who have no provision for taking credit card payment, subject to network signal, Archiimp will make its card payment terminal available to you. This is actioned through Jilly’s mobile phone and her Izettle payment device. Archiimp will not charge any additional fee for providing this service (Izettle currently charge 1.75%) and will transfer the net value when the payment has been cleared (normal 1-2 days). Payment receipts can be emailed or texted to your customers directly.

Promotion on Social Media:

  • Archiimp will actively promote the event via social media & blog (please follow Archiimp to get the feeds for retweeting/forwarding to your network). If you do not use social media then please sign up the Archiimp Blog, via the website, to receive these by email.
  • Event will be listed on national and local event websites.
  • Artist biographies and contact details are activity promoted through social media and online.
  • Partners and sponsors will actively promote the event and participating artists.
  • Posters will be created and distributed around the city. The Courtyard site will also have promotional banners on the entrance railing for the week leading up to each event.

Event Size and Scope: 

  • Standard events will accommodate up to 17 artist located around the Hall.
  • Our objective is to produce a professional Arts event with a high quality visitor experience. Worcester has an incredible arts scene and quality of artists, and we wish to show the best of these in a setting that is itself magnificent. You have been invited to participate in this event as we believe you and your work reflects this ethos and desire to set a benchmark to be achieved and emulated by others.
  • We hold visual presentation and appearance of the event in high regard and expect all artists to produce a professional looking and presented stall as is possible. Table covers must be used (no bare table/counter boards on show), banners must be hung and presented well. We have no doubt that this is second nature for you all.

Artist Attending:         

  • Each artist/stall has been allocated a stand and exact locations will be provide to you in advance.  

Example of Artist Biography needed for Promotional Activities:

Artist Name/Brand:       

Jilly Oxlade-Arnott of Archiimp


Architectural Watercolour

Biography (now up to 200 words!!)               

An Architectural Watercolour Artist working in fine line ink and bold watercolour. Her unique and colourful style concentrates on the subject building leaving the rest as fine line ink work. She lives and works in Worcester and will be displaying original watercolour, fine art prints, digital prints and cards of her Worcester, Malvern, Croome and Global Collections.

Contact Details:             


Mobile: 07713 055 999


Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram): @archiimp

Images (now up to 5 images!!):                        

Image #1 Title: Logo Snip (1240x618pixel 102KB)

Image #2 Title: Jilly with Artwork (1854×616 pixel 141KB)

Image #3 Title: Artwork Image 1 (926×923 pixel 64KB)

Image #4 Title: Artwork Image 2 (926×923 pixel 275KB)

If you are interested in being part of this event on 9th December please email me directly:

Chris Oxlade-Arnott (Archiimp Curator)

Mob: 07713 055 999





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