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Short Notice City Centre Gallery – Requests now closed

Fully booked in a matter of hours

In just a few hours all the available spaces at the Archiimp Pop Gallery Hopmarket Fringe Event (24th November to 1st December) were booked.

Apologies to those who were unable to claim a place, thank you for your interest and I hope we will be able to assist you next time.

This just proves that you need to get in quick when opportunities come up and signing up to receive our blogs (via email of social media) is a definite must.

Chris will be available throughout the event for any artist or budding artist who may wish to know how we can provide exposure for their art next year, just pop in for a chat.

When the event opens next Saturday (24th November) I may be in a position to accept additional participation, so please look out for any future information releases.

I am hoping we may be able to put on one more of these before the year end so fingers crossed.

To all those who have been successful please can you:

  • provide suitable floor furniture such as tables and stands
  • provide suitable table covers
  • ensure you provide marketing material such a brochures, pricing notices etc.
  • clearly mark all wall paintings with pricing (visible to the public such as swing tags)
  • clearly mark all items or ensure that it is simple for public and Archiimp to know the price
  • ensure you can met the set up time frame on Friday and break down on Monday (unless otherwise agreed)
  • complete the Guest Artist Stock Report – already provided 

You must be able to provide all the items to set up your given area without needing Archiimp to provide additional display equipment or floor furniture, so please include card stands or boxes, mechanise holders or plinths, notice holders etc.

I look forward to see you all on Friday and Good Luck for the event.

This event is only made possible by the continued support by:




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