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1st Annual Archiimp Christmas Arts

Get that Special Unique Christmas Gift 

All local artists and artisans

Christmas Arts

Come and support your local artists at the Archiimp Christmas Arts on Sunday 9th December at the newly open Henry Sandon Hall, Severn Street at Royal Porcelain Works on Sunday 9th December from 10am to 5pm.  

Many people have yet to visit the newly refurbished Porcelain Works area and it’s certainly worth a visit, with the refurbished internationally famous Royal Porcelain Works, the newly open Henry Sandon Hall (a great venue for events and performances) local gourmet produce store and restaurant nestWorcester.

You will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the participating artists as well as purchase their work. Please pop in and meet local artists 

Landscape Photography by Edyta Linert

Acrylic/Pen Scapes by Jadu Sheridan

Pastel & Pencil Wildlife by Deb Stanley

Local Landscapes by Caroline Hall

Quickly Animals Paintings by Sam Fenner

Photography by Andrew Gurnett

Unique Photography/Collaged Artwork by Anthony & Mercedes Pearson

Spray Paint and Acrylic by Acidtate

Colourful Acrylic by Kirsty Protherough

Textiles by Marion Steele

Flameworking and Glass Pendents by Rich Evans

Silver Jewellery by Justine Morris Designs

Architectural and Seasonal Watercolours by Jilly Oxlade-Arnott

Colourful Acrylic Scapes and Still Life by Susan Birth

Feature image christmas arts 2018

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