Call for equine artists

I have an opportunity to exhibit and sell your work.

I am looking for equine artists for an Art For Business opportunity in Worcester

I have an opportunity to exhibit for sale 3-4 works in a high end Worcester restaurant. Initially for a 3 month period but likely to be longer.

Multiple artists are required. Installation going in at the end of next week, so please respond swiftly

pARTicipate will manage the installation, marketing and sale for a 20% commission fee. Works can be replaced and rotated as required.

If you are interested, please contact me through the contact us page on the Participate In Art website (  Please provide images of artworks, sizes and prices.

I look forward to hearing from you.

*Image courtesy of Laurie Pace – Hilltoppers*


1 thought on “Call for equine artists”

  1. Hi I know someone who does brilliant horse photos Janine Smith. She did the WOS  in 2017 with her husband  Greg who does portraits. Could try googling her as can’t find email at present. Susan

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