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Please have a look at a few examples of artwork in progress:

Worcester Cathedral artwork to Classique and to Vivid styles

Original photograph taken from Fort Royal Park.

Worcester Cathedral Photo LR

Pencil sketch and fine line ink work. Objects can be removed – such as the tree in the foreground and scaffolding in the background.

Worcester Cathedral Mono

Finished watercolour over ink work.  We enhance the colours – such the purple of the Cathedral roof and define the subject building from the surrounding ones. This can then be used as part of the Classique range

Worcester Cathedral Snip

For artwork being created as a Vivid range, the pencil sketch and fine line ink work is redone by hand to increase the line definition and simplify the structure.

Worcester Cathedral Vivid Line LR

From this, colour is selected for the line, background and subject interior.

Purple, Mauve on OrangePurple, Orange on Cerise

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