Vivid Range

Vivid Artwork are Pop Art inspired works using clean bold lines and vibrant contrasting and tonal colours. To create a vivid work the classique line drawing is redrawn by hand, simplifying and exaggerating the lines form. The work is then divided into three sections, the lines the subject interior and the subject exterior. Each element of these sections of the work are then defined by hand.

From these hand created individual layers the work can then coloured by computer to provide an unlimited choice of colour combinations and tones. Each colour combination produced in registered and logged so that each work is unique and no two works are the same or reproduced.

Each of these sections can become any colour you choose to match furnishings, a wallpaper swatch or simply your favourite colour set.

Please see the ‘Pick Your Palette’ page for colour options and how to create your own canvas.

Most vivid artwork is produced on large scale canvases.

Worcester Cathedral Green
Worcester Cathedral Bespoke Green on A1 Canvas (Original SOLD)
New Street Vivid
King Charles, New Street, Worcester on A1 Canvas
Croome Gate
Croome Gate on A1 Canvas (Original SOLD)
Empire State Mono
Empire State Mono, NYC on A2 Canvas (Original SOLD)
Cathedral Lime & Blue A0
Cathedral in Lime & Blue on A1 Canvas (Original SOLD)
Big Ben B&W Mono A1
Big Ben Duo in Black & White Mono on A1 Canvas (Original SOLD)
Tower Bridge Mauve & Green A1
Tower Bridge in Mauve & Teal on A1 Canvas (Original SOLD)
Big Ben Duo RWB A1
Big Ben Duo in Red, White & Blue on A1 Canvas (Original SOLD)
Cathedral 2 Tone Turquoise
Cathedral in Two Tone Turquoise (Original SOLD)
St.Pauls Turquoise & Cerise
St.Paul’s Cathedral in Turquoise and Cerise on A1 Canvas (Original SOLD)
Big Ben Pink & LIme A1
Big Ben in Cerise & Lime on A1 Canvas (Original SOLD)
Cathedral Cerise A0
Cathedral in Cerise on A0 Canvas (Original SOLD)
Cathedral 9 Panal - Che
Cathedral Nine Panel on A0+ Canvas (Original SOLD)
Mrs G 2
Cathedral in Purple on A0 Canvas (Original SOLD)
mann hifi wall
Cathedral Turquoise & Teal on A1 Canvas (Original SOLD)

Below are examples (using the Worcester Cathedral) of one, two and three colour ways.

1 Colour White Lines

The line colour is already set to brilliant bold white and you can choose from a vast selection of vivid background colours.

Put several together for an even greater effect.

2 Colour Multi Lines

Where the line colour and the background can be chosen.

3 Colour Multi Lines

These samples happen to use white for all the line colour just to give you an idea of the contrasts that can be made.

You can choose line, background and subject interior colour to create a totally unique artwork.

Andy Warhol Inspired

A sample of colour ways inspired and based on Andy Warhol’s nine panel work.

Warhol’s Che Guevara nine panel inspired vivid cathedral

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