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Local artist’s celebration of Worcester Heritage

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Hive 2018 R Walker

Artist Jilly Oxlade-Arnott (second from left), founder of Architectural Impressions, delivers her first exhibition at The Hive Café, entitled ‘Worcester’s Historic and Iconic Architecture’.

Robin Walker, Worcester’s Conservative MP, took time out from his busy schedule to meet Jilly. Already familiar with her work, he owns a print of Worcester Cathedral which lives in his office in Downing Street.  Pia Potter-Farrant (pictured far left) and her team at the Hive helped organise the event. Sandra Taylor, Publicity Officer, represented the Civic Society.

The exhibition is designed to build awareness of the city’s wealth of architectural assets, highlighting the global interest and importance of some of Worcester’s treasures. Art and architecture have always been good bed fellows and this exhibitions re-imagines the classic buildings through vibrant ink and watercolour to iconic pop art; what better venue to showcase this than The Hive?

This exhibition is supported by the Worcester Civic Society. The society believes that Worcester has a proud history, with many firsts and innovations in arts and industry, and also possesses an impressive and unique natural and built environment.

Jilly’s work is on show until 22 January.  Learn about some of the historic buildings in Worcester and her inspiration in painting them.  The Hive is the first joint public university and library in Europe and has some of the best facilities in the country. For more information, visit http://www.archiimp.com


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