Magenta Snip

The Vivid Range starts life the same way as the Classique Range, with a pencil sketch. 

A Classique Range (photo to line work to watercolour)

A Vivid Range (Classique line work to Vivid line work to coloured artwork)

Defining bold line are applied in ink to determine the profile of the structure. 

With a high resolution scan this then becomes a digital image allowing the line work, background and interior of the building to become individual colours. Each of these sections can become any colour you choose to match furnishings, a wallpaper swatch or simply your favourite colour set.

The Following Backgrounds are currently available as vivid artwork:

Malvern Museum Vivid

See below for current range collections including 2 and 3 colour ways based on the Worcester Cathedral background

1 Colour White Lines

The line colour is already set to brilliant bold white and you can choose from a vast selection of vivid background colours.

Put several together for an even greater effect.

2 Colour Multi Lines

Where the line colour and the background can be chosen.

3 Colour Multi Lines

These samples happen to use white for all the line colour just to give you an idea of the contrasts that can be made.

You can choose line, background and subject interior colour to create a totally unique artwork.

Andy Warhol Inspired

A sample of colour ways inspired and based on Andy Warhol’s 9 panel work.

Warhol’s Che Guevara nine panel inspired vivid cathedral

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