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Jilly Oxlade-Arnott is Architectural Impressions (Archiimp) who is known for her unique watercolour and fine line ink depictions of historically or nationally significant architecture. She is a Worcestershire based architectural watercolour artist from a family of draughtsmen, painters, potters and sculptors.

Jilly Oxlade-Arnott Architectural Watercolour and Pop Art Artist

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Watercolour and Pop Art artist Jilly Oxlade-Arnott (see Artist Biography page for more details) brings a vibrancy of colours to her work  producing a clean, fresh and stylish art. She is a internationally known artist with an ever growing collector and client base.

Having two distinct styles, a more traditional ‘Classique’ which is bright watercolour with detailed fine line ink whereas ‘Vivid’ is simplistic bold lines on layers of pure vibrant colours, inspired by the pop art genre and is best seen on large scale canvases.

Structure, perception and placement form the focal point of her works, with an emphasis of colour and depth on the subject structure leaving the surrounding detail in contrasting black line work.

Her collections currently include Birmingham, Cheltenham, Croome Court, Eastnor, Global (International), Gloucestershire, Malvern, National Trust, Shropshire (Ludlow), Three Choirs, Worcestershire and is currently working on Pershore.

She undertakes commissions for both private and business clients as well as being a regular artist-in-residence she produces classes and workshops.

New artwork released – Pershore Warhorse Memorial now part of the Worcester Collection

Pershore War Horse

Pershore Warhorse Memorial

New artwork released – Pershore Abbey now part of the Worcester Collection

Pershore Abbey

Pershore Abbey, Worcestershire

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