Jilly Oxlade-Arnott

Watercolour Artist

Artist Biog Photo

A natural artistic talent runs in the family, as Jilly’s father was an architect, brother a draughtsman and sister a potter & gilder and also runs an art gallery in Berkshire. Jilly follows her love of architecture, colour and space through her new approach to the varied buildings of Worcester.

Jilly has worked in marketing and branding for over 20 years, for a variety of organisations from carpet manufacturers to commercial banks, and has been involved in buying art for corporate display and investment.

Having spent many years using photography, art & imagery in her work; not just as a sales and marketing tool, she decided to focus on her own artistic ability and passion for architecture, structure and colour.

An avid photographer and keen artist in various mediums, she rediscovered her love of watercolour having attended evening art classes in Worcester run by the lovely Karen Stone – Stone Fine Arts. That was the start of what is now Architectural Impressions.

Towards the end of 2016 Jilly decided to leave the corporate world and truly follow her passion for watercolour and architecture. Having established her style, she started to create works focusing on the buildings of Worcester. The city and surrounding areas are abundant with historical buildings and is rich in history.

Architectural Impressions was founded in February, formally launched in June 2017 and continues to grow, driven by the wonderful response to her art.

Now with three very distinct ranges:

Classique Range

Lea & Perrins

Classique is pencil sketched, fine lined with ink and finished in watercolour. She beautifully highlights the structure by extending the detailed line work beyond the subject and uses an array of wonderfully bright colours enhancing the image. Current range collections include Global, Worcester, Malvern and Ludlow.

Vivid Range

Pink, Pink on Grey

 Vivid is bold line work defining the subject, with use of strong vibrant colour combinations. Art to brighten any wall. Range collections include 2 colour and 3 colour. We also have a ‘Pick Your Palette’ offering where you can choice your own set of colours to match furnishings, room or space. 


Seasonal Range

Cathedral Lilac FrontThe Seasonal Range is designed for the winter festive season, be it Christmas or New Year. Created solely as A5 greeting cards they include the traditional red, white and green colours as well as the latest 2017 seasonal colour palettes all with ‘Seasons Greetings’.

There is a stylized, almost Gothic-esque ink and watercolour of a Cathedral in Lilac and a beautiful ‘Merry Mistletoe’.


Example of the Worcester Cathedral artwork process:

Original photograph taken from Fort Royal Park.

Worcester Cathedral Photo LR

Pencil sketch and fine line ink work. Objects can be removed – such as the tree in the foreground and scaffolding in the background.

Worcester Cathedral Mono

Finished watercolour over ink work. We enhance the colours – such the purple of the Cathedral roof and define the subject building from the surrounding ones. This can then be used as part of the Classique range

Worcester Cathedral Snip

For artwork being created as a Vivid range, the pencil sketch and fine line ink work is redrawn by hand to increase the line definition and simplify the structure.

Worcester Cathedral Vivid Line LR

From this, colour is selected for the line, background and subject interior.

Purple, Mauve on OrangePurple, Orange on Cerise

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