Business Commissions

Your building is one of your biggest assets so why not put it to good use. You may just want the artwork as a keepsake or on show in reception but it can be used as a very powerful sales & marketing tool to promote your brand.

This art can also be used to generate a revenue stream.

One of our restaurant clients is using the mono prints as children’s colouring-in place mats. Others use them as unique and eye catching imagery as part of their house sales packs. Many hotels and restaurants promote their branded greeting cards providing a constant revenue stream. Other clients use this artwork as a communication tool with their customers.

What do you get?

You will receive the original hand painted artwork in fine line ink and watercolour of your building. Further prints or cards can be ordered as a gifts, customer communication or for re-sale.

As an electronic image it can be applied to a range of merchandise only limited by your imagination…, prints, fridge magnets, soft furnishings, sales literature, etc.

Digitally this can be used on your business cards, website, blogs, social media, branding and other forms of marketing.

How does it work?

Henley McKay Photo LR

To create an artwork we work from an image (a photograph) either supplied by you or taken by us. We may need several photographs from different angles, especially if you are wanting articles removing (such as trees, fences or cars) so that we may see the detail behind.

We will consult with you on what items should be removed (such as spotlights, cables or alarm panels), and what could be enhanced (such as flower baskets or paintwork).

Henley McKay MonoA full pencil sketch is created of the subject and surrounding detail.

We will then create a fine line ink artwork over the loose pencil sketch. This is where the details of the subject and surrounding really come to life. Due to the complexity of some of the subjects this line work can take a long time to create, especially with some detail and ornate craftsmanship of some buildings.

Henley McKay

The fine line ink artwork is then finished in watercolour, with an emphasis on the subject and leaving the surrounding areas as line work, enhancing colours and detail that we see in the subject, pulling the piece together.

This client wanted a particular watercolour effect.


What else can we do for you?

  • Subject photography
  • High resolution scans of the mono artwork (fine line ink only)
  • High resolution scan of the finished artwork
  • Artwork set up as greeting card
  • Limited Edition fine art prints for family or friends
  • Full Intellectual Property Rights to the image (as standard this is retained by Architectural Impressions – under licence)
  • Please go to the Contact Us page and filling the form or simple call us directly.


Example of a Business Commission:

Art as business tool – The Halfway Inn

James and Magda Callery, proprietors of the Halfway Inn in Berkshire commissioned Jilly to paint their restaurant to use as a marketing tool.

Positioned halfway between Bath and London on the ancient A4 roman road, it has a long pedigree as a travellers rest and the image of the building is very important to James and his team. James and Magda have spent a great deal of time and effort improving the inside and outside of this restaurant having taking ownership of the premises. They know the restaurant/hosting business is not just about great food or wine but about the whole experience – which they deliver in spades!!

Mr& Mrs C: “We just love Jilly’s work and how she captures the essence of a building. Having seen her style we immediately wanted to use her work to promote our business and its been a great success – Thanks Jilly!”

Having taken various photographs, Jilly completed the detailed ink and watercolour in readiness for the relaunch. The artwork high resolution scan is currently being used on business cards, signage, menus and other printed marketing collateral.

See more of the Halfway Inn by going to their website:

Link to Halfway Inn website

Tel: +44 (0) 1488 608 115        Email:

The Halfway Inn, Bath Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG20 8NR

halfway inn logo

Art in Branding Consultancy

We also provide consultation and assistance with using architecture and architectural art in modern marketing both through print and digital. Please contact us for more information.

© Copyright and Intellectual Property Right (IP) of all images and artwork are held by Architectural Impressions